Last updated on 2. December 2018.

1. General

  1. By using our services you agree with these rules. Also you are responsible for your own account. When rules are being broken, we will punish the account that broke them, no matter who was playing at that time.
  2. Main language is English. We do not guarantee help in other languages.
  3. Inappropriate nickname, clan tag or avatar is not respected.
  4. Do not use inappropriate words.
  5. Scamming players or even trying to scam others is forbidden.
    Permanent ban
  6. Sending users unsafe links will end up in a severe punishment!
    Permanent ban
  7. Do not make advertisements for other servers.
  8. Respect every player and team member.
  9. Impersonating any staff member or a player is very disrespectful and may result in permanent ban.
  10. Spamming our services is not permitted including in-game chat.
  11. You as a player are not obliged to inform us about bugs, but it would be better if you do. Visit Bug report for more information!

2. Server

  1. Any form of cheating is forbidden.
    Permanent ban
  2. Abusing bugs on the map results in punishment. Spamming doors is also counted as a bug.
  3. You can communicate in another language than English but in adequate rate!
  4. Ranking system is there to show your skill. Every try of abuse will be stopped.
    Often complaining about ranking system to staff team is not respected. And no matter where you complain.
  5. Behave politely, be friendly and do not flood chat with trade deals.
  6. It is not allowed to scream in the voice chat. It includes music no matter on volume.
  7. Fun is the uppermost thing.

3. Hide and Seek

  1. We do not respect begging credits since you have many ways to earn them. Every attempt for begging will be immediately stopped.
  2. As seeker you must kill every hider. So if you have the option to kill him, you must do it.
  3. As hider you must not reveal positions of others.
  4. Telling hints (positions) about other players is bannable. It includes also other communication programs.

4. Website

  1. Abusing any functions (e.g. spamming categories, writing advertisements) on the website is not allowed. Use all functions (e.g. applications, feedback, help) and categories as they are stated.
  2. Do not use submits for blaming or spamming. If you want to get attention, well-write what you need.
  3. Please, use descriptive and understandable titles. It will help us to sort out all information.

5. Punishments

  1. Do not use reports and ban appeals for stuff what they are not supposed to be!
  2. To report a player in-game, use command /report.
    To report a player on the website, use page Report a player.
    And for reporting a staff member for breaking staff rules, we have a page Report an admin/a moderator.
  3. To appeal your report, visit SourceBans.
    We do not reply at ban appeals!
  4. If you want to get successful with a report/ban appeal, add an evidence! We cannot do anything without the evidence.
  5. Communicate about your punishment with the staff member who banned you. Spamming other staff members will result in mute!
  6. If you are unhappy with decision made by the staff member, write us a feedback.
  7. Often punishments what resulted in a permanent ban will not be removed! That also applies for all rules above which have a red mark.
  8. Communication bans can be also appealed. However, use feedback for this purpose and only if the punishment is longer than 3 days.

6. VIP

  1. By purchasing VIP you agree it is a donation and you cannot refund it!
  2. Your VIP counter will not be stopped when you have been banned.
    Check the rule category above to know what to do next in the case you cannot access the server.
  3. All VIP features can be anytime changed!
  4. Do not use VIP tags on your own! If you have bought VIP, you will get it automatically.

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