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„We the best!“ - D3NY

„We the best!“ - D3NY
„A lot of fun and a lot of beautiful meeting, lovee“ - united.
„I love your services, ShawN is an awesome owner. Keep up the good work <3“ - GGF MD


Shop reset!

Due to changes in Shop we will reset all credits today at 17:30 on Hide and Seek / Maniac server. That's because we changed max credits and the whole economy was changed, too.
We will welcome all feedback.
11.2.2018 15:48 UTC, ShawN

January news - we are working on big things!

January has not brought something new, it was mainly about working.

As every month (at least we try) we bring you monthly news! And this is first news in this year! Let's see what happened in January 2018.
As I wrote we have not done much things in January. The main reason is school, but it's a different story. However, we are preparing something really new! And it is not just one things, it is really huge! Hope we can finish it till March and we will be able to make it public in February news. We are testing it really in detail with our beta testers (thanks to them!), because we want to publish it fresh and without bugs. Wish us luck!
Actual servers (Hide and Seek / Maniac, Last Man Standing) are same, too. We know it needs new stuff, sorry! However, we are thinking about some changes and we hope it can come soon, because we do not have time at the moment. It is really bad, too much work in real life. :2017stickytube:
Some changes will be small, but some things will really change the servers! Stay tuned!

Hope you are looking forward to February news same as we do!
See you on the server. :selfburn:

1.2.2018 17:14 UTC, ShawN

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