Rules - Admin team

There rules apply since 25.7.2017. Little changes made on 22.8.2017.

1. All server rules apply for every member of admin team as well.
2. Abusing the function and commands for anything can be hardly punished.
3. Spamming commands is terrible and it also spams the chat. It isn't allow to do it.
4. You are obligated to help every player on the server.
5. Respect rules. If you ban/mute/gag/silence someone, write reason there. Same for unban/unmute/ungag/unsilence.
6. Warn people before you punish them.
7. If you ban/mute/gag/silence someone, increase the time if it's repeatedly.
8. Trolling players isn't allowed.
9. Before you ban someone, check all information. Not every good player must be hacker.
10. If you know about a bug tell the owner about it!
11. Inform players about all news, changes etc.

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