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„We the best!“ - D3NY

„We the best!“ - D3NY
„A lot of fun and a lot of beautiful meeting, lovee“ - united.
„I love your services, ShawN is an awesome owner. Keep up the good work <3“ - GGF MD


NEW SERVER! And happy Christmas! 🎄

After days of a testing and setting up, we want to release something new and huge - welcome Last Man Standing server!

We are proud on our Hide and Seek / Maniac server, what is really popular. And we also tested some else servers such as Trouble in Terrorist Town or Retake - both weren't successful. One of the reason was because those mods were dead or you can play hundreds of these servers. So it wanted something new and really popular ...
Last Man Standing is exactly it - it's popular and there are not many servers with it. Why? It isn't easy to make it and there are almost no maps with it. So if you want to make it, you must do so much for it.
However, we have wanted it so hardly. That's why I am releasing the server now. It's big fun and interesting - there are many spawns, so many ways to play it. And there are not many good guns, so you must often play with guns, what you can't know so well.
So come and try it! You are welcome! Also you can give us some feedback to make it better - we will appreciate it!
Last Man Standing server:

And it's almost end of the year. I can make you sure this is not last huge thing, what we want to release. And it hasn't to be a server - we are planning more new things! But give us time; we are not able to do huge things every week!
We hope next year will be awesome as this has been. And also we believe you will like our new stuff, what we are planning.

I want to wish you for the whole team Merry Christmas 🎄, nice time with your family ⛄, many done achievements 🎁 and happy New Year! :2017stickydrink:

This is everything from me for this year. See you next year and enjoy our very new server. We welcome you. :enderacoffee:

23.12.2017 15:00 UTC, ShawN []


In last days we were facing some issues. However, at the moment it's looking better and we decided to reset credits and ranking!
This reset has been done due to many changes in raking and Shop + some data loses. Also we will have a new year, so it would come. This can be a new start for some players, who went horrible in previous ranking system!
Thank you for the understanding and see you on the server. :selfburn:

13.12.2017 16:59 UTC, ShawN []

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