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„I love your services, ShawN is an awesome owner. Keep up the good work <3“ - GGF MD

„We the best!“ - D3NY
„A lot of fun and a lot of beautiful meeting, lovee“ - united.
„I love your services, ShawN is an awesome owner. Keep up the good work <3“ - GGF MD



Finally it is out! 4 months of work, 1 month of full focus! That is only in my head now and I am thinking about it if it was great step.

New website = new chapter of this all?
This year we showed you a bit of our work and we mentioned this many times. And today we finally release it.

We wanted to make everything easier to find and to work with. To make special stuff and some kind of rewards. Something has not been done yet. So we made a plan with what we want to do. Many things have been cancelled by me. But about it later.

New website. There is so many stuff what I want to say. We brought you some kind of forum. We offer you rewards for some stuff. We ... no, no, no. It will be better if you check this list:
  • Submits - free VIP for reporting bugs and ideas. New system of applications.
  • New system of reports.
  • Better view of servers with whole new rules, with which you have to agree, and complete list of our commands.
  • Profiles. Also better for us when we connected it with the game.
  • New VIP system of purchasing and overview.
  • And much more. Check it now:
And we are planning more features! Stay tuned!

Is CS:GO really dying?
No. We did not ignore this. We could not. Everyone could notice the leak of players. Longer match finding, servers started to be emptier and market went down with prices. And it also hit our servers. But mainly it did not leave me calm.
Look. I have done so many stuff and I believe you can see it. I try always to bring something new. And I also wanted to create something awesome with the website. But then I realized it - what are developers doing? I did much more than they did in last months.
The game engine is old. SourceMod is also very old. And then I do very new website. It is so big difference and hard to synchronize it. Look at other games. It is so easy to do new things there. And then I am here in pain when I must to do a feature what comes from the game and is connected with our website.
Do not take me wrong. I love what I am doing and I want to continue in this. But if game developers do not make big change, I cannot continue in this. Since players hate it too and they leave the game.

Thank you for all your support and that you read it whole. And do not forget to check the very new website (I believe you will like it!), login there and read our rules!
See you on the server! :selfburn:

1. May 16:49 UTC, ShawN []

March news - what is coming?

March actually has brought many new stuff what beta testers can know well as team staff does.

Firstly I want to apologize we did not make February news. However, I mentioned in January news we were really busy what has remained in February and March, too. That is why I was not able to do those news. So let's check what we have done and on what we are working!
The biggest new thing, what you could notice, has been new report system! It works really great and I am so happy to publish something like this. I have not seen it anywhere! Now you can just report a player and that is all.

And as I mentioned in the last news, we were working on a big thing. And we are still working on it! I am sorry it has not been done yet. However, I think it could be published in the next month! So wish us good luck and we are looking forward to your feedback!
And not to be so quiet about it, I add a small hint what it can be. I just want to say many things will be changed with it, so be carefully!

Thanks you have read it and I believe April news will actually bring the new thing out!
See you on the server! :selfburn:

5. April 15:57 UTC, ShawN []

Giveaway end!

I am sorry we are a bit late, but we were busy last days so hope you will excuse us! :2017stickycrab:

We announced a giveaway for Last Man Standing server ( in March and you could win some random Steam games just by playing. I was awaiting a bit better activity, but it was still nice month.
So we chose the 3 most active players and then some random players (these will not be announced due to keep some safety). The ladder of the best players looks like this:
To withdraw these random Steam games contact D3NY
- If you do not do so until 8.4.2018 10:00 UTC, winners will be changed!
Thank you for your participation and we are looking to you in a next giveaway! And see you on the server! :selfburn:


Last post with the announced giveaway:
5. April 14:56 UTC, ShawN []

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